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The Murder (Attempted Beheading) of Christian Robert David Neal in an illegal CMU prison in Terre Haute, Indiana
Peace and blessings,
In November of 2018, it was learned that a 68 year old Christian man named Robert David Neal was murdered by attempted beheading in the CMU (Communications Management Unit) at Terre Haute, Indiana prison. We know the murder occurred in November and we believe it occurred on Friday, November 10th, 2018. There has been little to no information released by the prison or the press on this murder. Below is a listing of what we do know.
-) The CMU is an illegal prison. It was constructed without the oversight and funding of Congress. We have a letter signed by many members of Congress confirming this. We also know that the CMU was put together to silence charismatic leaders considered as dissidents who pose a threat to the establishment. Schaeffer Cox is considered one of those dissidents. Russell Landers with the Montana Freemen is another.
-) A liberal journalist named Will Potter reports on these two CMU prisons in a youtube video titled “The secret US prisons you’ve never heard of before”. There is one CMU in Terre Haute, Indiana and one in Marion, Illinois.
-) Robert David Neal was communicating by letter and phone with Rudy Davis at YearOfJubile.comprison ministries. A search on youtube for “Robert David Neal” will result in many videos on this murdered man including phone calls from Terre Haute, Indiana prison.
-) In one phone call published on youtube, Robert discusses prior beatings and hospitalizations in retaliation for a lawsuit against the BOP which outlines numerous abuses and illegal activities and specifically calls out prior BOP director Charles E. Samuels Jr. Charles is the former director of the United States Federal Bureau of Prisons, and the first African-American to be appointed to that post.
-) Robert David Neal also sent letters to Rudy Davis of prison ministy containing legal documents which outlines in detail the abuses by the BOP and Charles E. Samuels Jr. These documents have been made available to the public on dropbox. The dropbox location is:
-) To get a better understanding of the person of Charles E. Samuels Jr, please see a video titled “Solitary Prison cell size Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”. This video shows the absolute ineptness of the BOP director to answer even the most basic of questions.
-) The Tribune Star released a very brief press release on the murder on Nov. 14th. It is amazing to us that when they are railroading an innocent man into prison that the SPLC and numerous FBI/CIA linked press agencies can slander and defame an innocent man before trial with numerous published articles but when the BOP/FBI want to coverup a murder in their highly secure prisons, you will not hear a peep from the mainstream press.
-) The warden at Terre Haute, In. CMU prison is named Warden J.R. Bell and has been extremely hostile to prison ministries going so far as to not only ban any communications (books, letters, phone calls or corrlinks email) from Rudy Davis and his wife but also any of Rudy’s friends who even mention his name in the communications. This has caused Schaeffer Cox to put out a public announcement to not mention the name of Rudy Davis in any correspondence because the warden will reject and deny the correspondence and possibly ban others who do continue to mention the name of Rudy Davis.
-) The reason Warden JR Bell (Terre Haute, IN) and Warden B. True (Marion, IL) used to permanently ban Rudy Davis and his wife is that Rudy shared the gospel with a black man named Keith Orr in a Florida prison. Keith wrote a letter back to Rudy stating that his prior involvement in a racist cult called the black hebrew israelites made him feel unsatisfied and uncomfortable. Keith made a profession to publicly follow Jesus Christ and the writings within the bible. This testimony was shared with Schaeffer Cox which infuriated the wardens and caused a permanent ban from Rudy and his wife to anyone at either CMU prison. The prison mailroom policies are so numerous that they can deny anyone they want for any made-up reason. The reasons cited to ban Rudy and Erin was “3rd-party communications not allowed”.
-) Rudy Davis with prison ministries has offered public prayers to God Almighty requesting light and justice to befall from on high on this situation. Rudy has performed imprecatory prayers as outlined in Psalms 109 in regards to Warden JR Bell and asked God to give Warden JR Bell a massive case of hemorrhoids so that Warden JR Bell can not even walk straight.
-) It should be noted that one highly visible prisoner named David Hinkson who was communicating regularly with prison ministries was moved from a Kentucky prison into the same Terre Haute, Indiana prison with Warden JR Bell. David Hinkson is a national treasure and America’s most provably innocent political prisoner and has been sentenced to 43 years as an innocent man. David has been treated incredibly harsh during his 15 plus years inside America’s worst prisons including ADX Supermax in Colorado.
-) There are several prisoners inside Terre Haute that were either eye-witness to the murder or have knowledge of the murder. The prisoners that we do know about are:
Schaeffer Cox – Charasmatic Christian Political Prisoner with website
Russell Landers – Christian Montana Freeman Political Prisoner
Kurt Johnson – Christian Political Prisoner exposing Mortgage and Banking Fraud
Martin Gottesfeld – Very popular Political Prisoner and journalist with connections to Rolling Stone Magazine, Infowars and Huffington Post. His website is
Walter Bond – A popular animal rights and veganism activists.  I am under the impression that Walter Bond is anti-God and anti-Christian.  Walter Bond has reported on the murder of Robert David Neal in letters to his outside supporters. Walter’s website is
-) Letters began trickling outside of the prison from these men and this is what we have learned so far from these letters:
– The FBI working with the BOP and warden JR Bell are covering up the Murder of Robert David Neal.
– The Murderer has been identified Rodney Hamrick (possibly Rodney Curtis Hamrick) who was in the US Army and identified as muslim at the time of the attempted beheading.
– Torture is a regular thing inside the CMU in Terre Haute. One example is the SHU has a steam pipe below the floor to cause extreme heat. This steam pipe is turned off when inspectors show up. Their are numerous reports of torture coming out from CMU prisons including extreme hot and cold, withholding of medical care, denying phone calls even to family members, four-point shackling, withholding of toilet paper, beatings, isolation, poor water, food and ventilation. One video account of torture in CMU prison by a prior inmate can be seen at the following youtube video.
Hakeem Abdul-Shaheed my story – Lest I be forgotten
– False Incident Reports by guards are created in order to block all communications (by BOP employee Richard Blythe)
– Retaliation is normal against inmates who speak up against the torture inside the CMU. Communications are closely monitored and cutoff when this subject comes up.
– Incoming and outgoing mail is illegally diverted and discarded and this denies access to the legal courts
– Prisoners are regularly thrown in the hole if they are caught trying to get information outside of the CMU about the illegal activities going on inside the CMU.
– During the attack another Christian man was stabbed repeatedly and almost killed as well. In a file titled “Gottesfeld_49_051319.pdf” Martin Gottesfeld writes the second victims name is Mr. Richard Warren. This same document should be on PACER.GOV with “Case 1:18-cv-10836-PGG Document 49 Filed 05/13/19”.
– The prisoners have confirmed in their letters that there is no way that Rodney Hamrick could have attacked, murdered and attempted to behead Robert David Neal without the consent, involvement, coordination and approval of the prison officials which would almost assuredly include Warden JR Bell.
-) On page 73 of the book titled “Let Freedom Ring: A collection of Documents from the Movement to Free U.S. Political Prisoners” Edited by Matt Meyer, the book covers 24 points of Chinese Thought Reform as part of the Asklepieion program which was conducted at the CMU prison in Marion, Illinois. There is no doubt that these 24 points of Chinese thought reform are being implemented in both CMU prisons by devils who seem to be conducting some sort of social experiment on humans to break their will as some sort of psychotic evil human behavior experiment. Also how come a member of ISIS can murder by attempted beheading on American soil in Indiana and nobody in the mainstream press will cover this story?
The bottom line is that America has an illegal, secret concentration camps right here on American soil where ISIS members are murdering by attempted beheadings Christians inside American gulags. The Warden JR Bell has proven to be a devil who operates in the dark and hates Christians. These illegal prisons have no transparency and the FBI is actively working to coverup this incident in hopes that it will go away and nobody will care about prisoners who are murdered behind bars. The King James Bible says:
Luke 8:17 For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.
God will not allow the murder of Robert David Neal to go un-noticed. The children of God will not stand by silent while the devil coordinates and covers up the murder of our brother. May God Almighty whose name is Jesus Christ intervene in this affair and bring light, justice and righteous judgment to the murder of Robert David Neal.
If you have anything to add to this write-up, please contact Rudy Davis by phone 972-839-9848 or email
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