Another “Bad Cop” in the Schaeffer Cox case

Another “Bad Cop” in the Schaeffer Cox case?

On March 8, Avery Thompson, police officer who wrote the warrant for Schaeffer, Michael Anderson, and the others was released from his duties as an officer in Fairbanks, AK for “untruthfulness.” March 8th is exactly ten yers since the warrant was issued for Mike Anderson. And Schaeffer was kidnapped on March 10, 2011, ten years ago this month.

The Newsminer articles states Thompson “said he was receiving awards from the FBI, Anchorage Police Department and different agencies for his assistance, and recognition from a former attorney general of the United States, Eric Holder.” We all know without a doubt that the FBI and Eric Holder are known for their corruption and untruthfulness especially in the case of Schaeffer Cox. The fact that Avery states he was getting awards from the FBI is absolutely NOT a positive development from a moral standpoint.

Avery Thompson states, “Police officers can mess up in all kinds of ways. You can have bad use of force, you can crash cars, you can unintentionally violate someone’s constitutional rights. All of those are survivable,” he said. “The one thing that ends a law enforcement officer’s career is an allegation that he is a liar. And in this particular case, this allegation is coming from the top executive of the city — I don’t know how I can overcome that.”

We know without a doubt that Avery Thompson violated the rights of Schaeffer Cox, Michael Anderson, and the others in this case. Schaeffer has often stated, “when the truth gets out, so will I.” Let’s hope that more truth keeps coming out and that soon Schaeffer Cox will be set free.

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