Abandoned Death Row

This building I am in was built with rows of big three-foot-by-three-foot windows just below the ceiling to let light and air in. They are crumbling and rusty, but well made. They sort of feel like a tribute to a time gone by, when craftsmanship and quality was a point of pride for whoever manufactured them.

They sort of remind me of windows I saw in an old-timey train station when I was a boy. Or perhaps some trendy repurposed windows you might find in a pricy Brooklyn loft that used to be a factory once upon a time.

But what makes these windows so creepy is that they have been completely bricked over and sealed up from the outside. They look like some kind of surreal Twilight Zone art exhibit.

About three inches on the other side of the pretty glass your gaze is abruptly stopped by red bricks and mortar, completely sealing out the light. It’s as if the bricks stand guard against your hopes; saying “there is nothing to see out there in the world you came from — not for you anyway! Forget it ever existed.”

The bricks are kind of sloppily laid. The mortar lines are not straight or level. The margins are uneven, and the excess mortar has blopped out and hardened in permanently unfinished shapes — not unlike the hardened and permanently unfinished lives of the men sealed in here.

The bricks have the same look as the twisted and tortured buildings in an animated Tim Burton horror scene. Like maybe some creepy giant spider packed these brick in there to seal out the air, or seal in his prey.

This building is the old abandoned death row. How much more spooky and evil can it get? And what purpose does it even serve to seal up the windows on this place, like the entrance (or exit) of a tomb?

–Schaeffer Cox

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  1. March 23, 2019

    May God comfort you and give you strength Schaeffer! My mind goes often to you and my heart prays for you. It is unimaginable, your plight. As it should be! For You too, and All Truly Free citizens of TRUTH and the… old America. I almost hate to say America as I see so much corruption in it that it makes me sick! I know there Is much beauty in it’s citizens, in it’s incomparable Constitution. But what good is that Constitution when it’s ignored?! Why has it (our Constitution) gotten to this place of ignorance, where us blessed citizens know naught of it? Why is it Allowed to be Ignored and swept away, as if its a silly old unnecessary peice of paper that can be ripped up and tossed? Why is it that evil people can go directly in offence of it, practically spit on its glory, and it’s seemingly okay, Justified And Normal? Why are we so complacent about all of it?? Its an exceedingly unfortunate and tragic epidemic of lazy, self serving Americans…many so caught up in the fake and jolly ways of the social media competition. And the other half….well I’m not sure where they are or what they care about. I know there Are good solid people who #stand for #truth. May our voices slowly raise, united in a common humble and unselfish goal! To serve each other, to help our fellow citizens, to #stand up, raise our voices in #truth, with harmony!
    God bless you Schaeffer!
    (No idea if he can actually read this, but here it is anyways!)
    ❤ love from-just another God loving fellow citizen

  2. Dan
    March 24, 2019

    Hi Schaeffer. I only just found out about your case, and I can see that you’re a good man. I’m very sorry that you are where you are right now, but I’m thankful that your family is safe. I’m sorry that I can’t afford to donate at the moment, but when I can I will. I will pass your case information on to friends and will keep checking back. I promise I WILL NOT forget about you. Here’s hoping for good news at your next hearing. May God bless you and your family.

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