31 Flavors of Unfair

 Because Trump seems to be citing the DoJ and FBI’s unfair treatment of people as one of his main reasons for granting pardons, I think it would be wise to attach letters to my pardon petition that highlight just how unfair the DoJ and FBI have treated me. So here are 31 flavors of it. We need to get 31 people to write 31 letters, each laying out and explaining one of these instances of unfairness. 

     Put the list out there and let people pick the topic they want to explain to Trump. They can do their own research on that particular aspect of my case. If they need help, they can contact me and I’ll explain it all in depth. I can also supply people with audio and/or transcripts that document much of this. So they can attach those to their letters. This will leave an impression. 

1. When I refused the informant’s initial suggestions of violence, the FBI had the Office of Child Services come in and threaten to corruptly take our one and a half year old baby Seth, all to try to motivate me to agree to the informant’s violent proposals.

2. When Les and I told Bill Fulton that we had no plans for violence, Fulton attacked us with a hunting knife, held it to Les’ throat, and said he would “bleed him out at his feet” if we didn’t agree to go on a shooting rampage. The only reason he held the knife to Les’ throat and not mine was because I had baby Seth in my arms.

3. A few months after the knife-to-the-throat incident, Fulton issued another death-threat-ultimatum where he said “remind Schaeffer what happened last time when I almost killed Les. Make him remember it! And tell him he better have a plan this time.”

4. When we got Fulton’s death-threat-ultimatum, we tried to leave the country for our safety. But informant JR Olson chased us down, sabotaged our car, stranded us, then kidnapped me, my wife, and our two young children, and held us in an attic for 21 days using death threats from Fulton to keep us there. This is a crime and it also violates international laws and human rights treaties that say governments must let political dissidents leave the country if they want to.

5. When Fulton first met with me Les and Jeremy at Pikes Landing Hotel in Fairbanks, he recorded the meeting. But that recording showed that I had no criminal disposition and it was only Fulton who was pushing bad stuff. This is key to my defense. So when we asked the prosecution for that recording, rather than give it to us, the FBI gave it to Fulton and instructed him to destroy it.

6. On 2-19-11 FBI agent Patrick Westerhaus filed a perjurious affidavit to get a search and arrest warrant. The affidavit written on 2-18, impossibly claimed to be giving a first hand account of the events of the afternoon of 2-19. So at best it was Agent Westerhaus making a guess about what he hoped would happen on 2-19. At worst, it was just lies he prepared in advance, then carelessly filed in haste BEFORE the period of time he impossibly claimed to be describing.

7. The FBI recorded thousands of hours of my conversations over the period of two years, all with out even getting a warrant. If in those two years they had found anything at all that was criminal, they would have gone straight to the courthouse and used it to get a warrant. But they did not. They just kept spying on the innocent. Collecting evidence that I was a normal, non-criminal guy. Only when I tried to leave the country did they arrest me. And then, the prosecutor filed a motion (DKT No. 311) to ban their own secret recordings of me from trial. They asked the judge to not let ME play the recordings the FBI had made of me! This made it just be my word versus the FBI’s word, where as if we played the recordings, it would just show that I was innocent, and the FBI liars.

8. I had an inoperable movie prop replica of a Sten Machine gun. If I had the right tools, all the internal parts, and welded it up, it could have been made into a real gun. As it was, it looked cool, but didn’t fire. They charged me with possession of an untaxed machine gun anyway, as if it was real. When I told the jury it was a replica, Skrocki the prosecutor played a video of a real actual working Sten machine gun – one owned by the ATF that looked just like my replica – firing in full automatic glory. He even played it again in slow motion so it looked like Scar Face or something. But the jury was never told that that was not my gun! So it made me look like a liar. They also charged me with possession of “grenades.” But those were not real grenades, they were cast-iron replicas. The kind you buy 3 for a dollar at a novelty shop. But they only let the jury see pictures of them. If they had brought in the actual items, everyone would have seen that they were toys. And on top of that, those toys didn’t even belong to me. They belonged to an informant, Aaron Bennett. He left them in a cardboard box after a gun show, then dropped them off in my shed when I wasn’t home.

9. Long before I was arrested, I went down to the ATF office to buy the $200 tax stamp for any guns I had that might need one. The ATF agent told me that it was a transfer tax, so I only needed to pay it if I ever sold those guns. Then later, when I got arrested, I got criminally charged for not having the $200 tax stamp. We filed a pre-trial motion to throw out that count since I was only following the instructions of the ATF agent. The ATF agent even said, “yah, that’s what I told him. I thought that was correct.” But the judge denied our motion, telling us that that was an argument for the jury. But then when we got to trial, Skrocki filed a motion (Dkt No. 351) to bar us from making that argument or presenting that defense to the jury. AND THE JUDGE GRANTED HIS MOTION! So I was not allowed to present a defense to that count.

10. Skrocki lied to the jury in his closing arguments, and vouched for the lies his informants had told on the stand, then he told the jury I was lying about trying to leave the country with my family. But we have Skrocki’s emails where he talks about how I’m trying to leave the country, and I’m scared for my life, and that I’m saying I want to avoid violence at all costs. So that proves that Skrocki KNEW he was lying to the jury, and coached his witnesses to lie as well.

11. The real prosecutor on my case is named Joe Bottini. He is a carrier crook in the DoJ who has made his carrier out of being a political hit man. He sets up and frames the political opponents of the Democrats and Deep State. His favorite trick is to hide favorable evidence from the accused. This is known as a Brady violation. He’s so bad about it that the Alaska State legislature passed a resolution calling for him to be disbarred. He framed my senator, Ted Stevens. And Obama protected him and put him on my case to hide more evidence. He cheats to get convictions on innocent people.

12. The FBI tried to get me to buy some illegal guns from an informant. When I refused, they had the informant tell me that they were actually legal, coming from a licensed class 3 dealer, and “legit.”  I refused again. So the FBI had one informant sell the guns to another informant, and then charged me as a conspirator to the guns the FBI had just sold to its self, through its informants. They gave me ten years for that. And I didn’t even know the fake sale happened. You can read a chapter about it in Fulton’s book.

13. The FBI created all these super ridiculous Sovereign Citizen groups and sent in a whole crowd of informants/actors to make this fake Sovereign Citizen group look like a real thing. They wrote up and filed all sorts of crazy stuff just to create a background for all the other stuff the FBI was doing. But none of it was real. It was all just to disrupt what would have otherwise been a powerful grassroots political movement. The FBI’s goal was to get patriots to run in circles and look silly, rather than sweep the House and Senate with Tea Party republicans. This is not law enforcement, it’s corruption.

14. When I went out to the MP station on ft. Wainwright, the MPs told me that the US Marshals had come out there and said they were planning to come to my house to take baby Seth away, and then just shoot me in the process. And that would “fix the Schaeffer Cox problem.” This is a political murder plot, that was testified to by the Military Police, under oath. The MPs told me about it right after it happened. That’s another reason why I was scared and leaving the country. The other was Bill Fulton’s death threats.

15. The political power brokers in Alaska have a house on Ocean View Drive in Anchorage where they keep little kids and go have kid raping parties. This is a well known thing. Anchorage PD’s detective Vandergriff put together a case on it and was ready to raid the place and indict everyone involved. But Joe Bottini, my prosecutor, kept using the power of the US Attorneys Office to stop the child molester ring from being busted. It was a big scandal all over the news. And Eric Holder backed up Bottini on it. And the kid-didlers who did get caught, got let off the hook by DoJ. Holder would not comment beyond saying that “it was not done for corrupt reasons.” There is a lot of publicly available material on this. And I was one of the people who said we had put a stop to such sick stuff. Bill Fulton also ran a gay club house out of the back of his shop. Which was in the red-light district of Anchorage. He was likely in on the Ocean View house stuff too. But we may never know, because Bottini shuts down any honest cops who try to put together a case.

16. After I was arrested, they had no evidence of a crime. So they started trying to twist people’s arms to get them to give false testimony against me. They went after Coleman Barney. But he refused. So they told him they were going to throw his 7 month pregnant wife in prison if he didn’t sign a false statement against me. He’s a very honest Mormon and he refused to lie for the Feds. So they went after his wife. They also tortured Mike Anderson and kept him in solitary in an effort to get him to agree to give false testimony. We even have FBI reports that show them giving him altered transcripts to try to distort his memory, and Mike pushing back saying “these transcripts are altered. You are trying to get me to say what you want me to say.”

17. Informant Aaron Bennett stole $2,000 in cash from a fund raising event in 2009, and blamed it on me to cause division. Then right before I was arrested in 2010, Informant JR Olson stole $30,000 from me, so I wouldn’t have money to fight my trial. Then in 2014 and 2015 the FBI sent in informant Terry Dodd who set up “The Board” and with the help of Maria Rensel, Richard Neff, Stewart Skrill, Ed Snook, and Jim Lueunberger, stole over a million dollars so I couldn’t lawyer up and fight my appeal. This is well documented in pending Civil suits. (18-cv-173 and 17-cv-338) And the FBI had the staff at the CMU prison come to me and tell me that I had to leave Terry Dodd in control, or they would punish me here in prison. This violates my right to due process BIG TIME. And is a reason for Trump to pardon me FULLY ON ALL COUNTS!

18. The CMU is an illegal Deep State prison, where they use Chinese psychological torture methods and do test to see how to break political dissenters. I can’t talk about this one. You’ll have to do your own research.

19. Bill Fulton wrote a whole book called The Blood Of Patriots bragging about how he’s a gay pole dancer who gets a boner from doing violence to people, how he despises Christians and Conservatives, and wants to “bash in their heads,” and that’s why he volunteered to set me up.

20. They put me on the stand but then only let me answer “Yes” or “No” to their questions. I couldn’t elaborate. So for example, they would ask “On 2-12-11, did you discus murdering government officials? YES OR NO? JUST YES OR NO?!” To say “no’ would be perjury. But to say “yes” is misleading. The true answer is that the informant made the suggestion, and everyone who was not an informant then went into great detail explaining to him how that is a bad idea and why it would be pure foolishness. 

21. In his closing arguments and in his sentencing memo, Skrocki said that I believe that God’s Law is more important than man’s laws, and that I can’t be rehabilitated from this kind of a belief, so I need to be sent to prison for forever. He actually put this in writing and on the record.

22. FBI agent Westerhaus was asked by Bill Fulton “why are we going after Schaeffer Cox?” And Westerhaus said “because he’s been talking smack about the government.” What Westerhaus didn’t know was that Bill Fulton was recording the conversation. And we have the recording. This shows they weren’t going after criminals, they were out to punish free speech that was critical of the government.

23. Over and over on the recordings that the FBI made of me, when the informants would bring up and push violence, I would say “I’m going to pull a Gandhi, not a Rambo.” I said this consistently, dozens of times, over long periods, and I never changed my mind. Yet, Skrocki and Bottini kept those recordings away from the jury, then told the jury I was lying about having said that. But you can hear it for yourself on the tapes we have now made publicly available.

24. The prosecution’s theory of the case attaches conspiratorial criminal liability to anyone who believes in the original meaning of the 2nd Amendment. They are saying that my belief that the 2nd Amendment was put in place by the Founding fathers so that We The People would be the final check on government, coupled with my owning guns and ammunition, satisfies the two prong  test for a criminal conspiracy: 1. an agreement, and 2. an overt act. The belief in the 2nd Amendment being the agreement, and the owning of guns being the overt act in furtherance of that agreement. Where the Deep State was going with this is trying to set the precedent that you can get a life sentence if you keep an AR-15 and a case of ammo in your closet for if the shit ever hits the fan. And the 9th Cir. upheld it!

25. The DoJ went after a whole swath of conservative political figures in Alaska with the goal of flipping it from a red state to a blue state by way of corrupt prosecutions. Skrocki and Bottini – my prosecutors – were at the center of all of this. Eric Holder and James Comey code named this “Operation Polar Pen.”  And they did flip the US Senate from being controlled by Republicans, to being controlled by Democrats. This is how they got Obama care to pass. Because US Senator Ted Stevens was not letting it through his committee. They made up a fake case on Stevens and convicted him. He was later cleared of any wrong doing, but then died in a suspicious plane crash. All the other political figures that were prosecuted by Bottini and Skrocki later got out of prison because of Brady violations committed by Bottini and Skrocki. The judge who sat on the Stevens case said the corruption was so bad that he appointed a special investigator – Robert Schulke III – to investigate the prosecutors. When this was announced, one of the prosecutors, Nick Marsh, “hung himself.” At least that’s the official story. He may have been the weak link and about to tell on the others. Anyway, these are the dysfunctional swamp creatures who prosecuted me. And they always use the same corrupt illegal tactics to get a convictions on innocent people. It’s a well documented pattern.

26. The prosecution moved my trial 400 miles away so that I couldn’t afford to fly in my witnesses. Then they threatened the MPs to discourage them from testifying, and some of them didn’t. They also threatened several other witnesses. What they would do is go interview someone, but not record the interview. The interviewing FBI agent would just “summarize” the interview in his notes and drastically fudged it in the direction he wanted it to go. Then the agent would go back several months later and show his fudged notes to the witness. The witness often would say, “that’s not accurate.” Then the FBI agent would say, “well, you better agree to come to trial and testify in a way that is consistent with my notes, or I’m going to arrest you for lying to me back when I took these notes, because my notes say what my notes say.” What the FBI was really dong was going around passing out scripted false testimony, that people had to come into court and read, or else!

27. Leading up to trail, I knew I was charged with “conspiracy to murder federal officials.” We also knew this was a false charge, because I had done no such thing. So we knew that whatever theory the government ended up putting forward was going to be pure bullshit. Nonetheless, we have a right to be given fair notice of what that bullshit is going to be, so we can have time to prepare a defense and collect our evidence to rebut it. But the prosecution would not tell us what conspiracy theory they were planning to use. So we filed a motion for a “bill of particulars,” which requires the prosecution to lay out the elements of their case against me, with specific particularity. The judge denied our motion. So we went into trial totally blind. This is not fair. It’s trial by circus.

28. Aaron Bennett is an informant. And he’s the main figure in this whole case. But the prosecution still won’t officially confirm or deny it. We need to pay special attention to the government’s BRADY violations surrounding Aaron Bennett and the government’s wrongful non-disclosure of his highly relevant role as an informant/provocateur. Bennett being an informant changes everything, and shows that the first trial was completely tainted and fundamentally unfair.

     Bennett was the first informant to approach me and therefore sets the starting line before which the government must prove that I had a “predisposition” to commit any charges to which an entrapment defense is raised. As it sits, the government is lying when they say that Olson and Fulton were the ONLY informants, and that they came on the scene when “Schaeffer and his friends” (i.e. Bennett) had already talked about crimes. Not true. Bennett was not my friend. He was an informant who pitched the idea of violence and got told no by me every time. This proves a LACK of predisposition and even a predisposition to NOT COMMIT CRIMES. But thanks to the BRADY violation of not disclosing Bennett, that argument was neutralized.

     Bennett dropped off grenade parts, and body armor at my home unsolicited while I was away. I was then charged with possession of these things. Had Bennett been disclosed as an informant, the government would be exposed for planting evidence via Bennett, their stooge. This is the difference between “Cox got those from an acquaintance” and “The government planted the stuff at his house.” Again, the prosecution didn’t have to get confronted with this fact, all thanks to  their BRADY violations surrounding Bennett.

     All the recordings of me talking about Bennett are put in a totally different light when it’s known that Bennett is an informant. Before, when I would say stuff on the recordings like “Bennett and his pack are just a bunch of violent, dangerous, unstable brawlers who are out to cause trouble and pick fights. So we just need to be polite enough to not set them off and then stay completely away from them;” it was only proof that I had violent bad “friends” well before the government sent in Olson. But in reality those recordings are proof that I had a well established history of rejecting attempts by government coached informants who pushed violence. But once again, the government’s BRADY violations surrounding Bennett neutralized this argument. The Bennett BRADY violations go directly to the four prongs of the entrapment defense: 1. WHAT WAS THE DURATION OF THE GOVERNMENT’S EFFORT? 2. WHAT WAS THE SEVERITY OF THE GOVERNMENT’S COERCION? 3. WHO MADE THE INITIAL SUGGESTION? and most importantly 4. DID THE DEFENDANT SHOW ANY RELUCTANCE?  But thanks to the Bennett BRADY violations, the government was able to avoid all of those questions at trial.

     The search warrants were obtained based on bogus representations that Bennett made to me about weapons and stuff that Bennett falsely claimed to have had. I repeated these Bennett tales, the FBI heard it, and used them to get a warrant.  At the suppression hearing Dooly thoroughly debunked the warrants and all the lies they contained. But my repeating what Bennett had said was left standing, the judge pointed to those claims — and those claims alone — as the reason he let the warrants stand. This amounts to letting the FBI get warrants based on their own investigative-feed-back-loop of information they knew to be false. The FBI starts a false rumor, then uses the rumor as grounds for a warrant. We have found FBI emails saying that they knew the stuff I was saying was not real because they recognized it as their own information boomeranging back from their boy, Bennett. But they sure didn’t let the judge know that. Again, brought to you by the Bennett BRADY violations! ( BTW, the FBI did this to candidate Trump in the FISA court with the fake pee dossier.)

     A key witness in the case, Mike Anderson, was living with Bennett right up until the trial. This is because when he got out of jail his house had been so trashed by the FBI raid that it was not livable. Bennett pumped him full of lies and rumors to color his testimony. This is witness tampering of the highest degree.  But again, thanks to the government’s BRADY violations on Bennett, that argument was neutralized.

     There are dozens more instances of how Bennett is materially relevant to the outcome of the trial. But these 5 are sufficient to show the unfairness.

29. When I was in the Cook Inlet Jail in Anchorage waiting to be taken to trial, the FBI had the jail record all my attorney visits, and all my attorney phone calls. They also intercepted all the legal mail I sent to my attorney, and sent it right to the prosecutor, who kept it until the day trial started and then gave it all to my attorney in a box. They had opened and read it all. And my attorney had not gotten any of the important information I’d been sending him. This violates attorney client privilege. Just recently, the jail and FBI got busted. It was actually the new warden who told on the FBI. It was all over the news and it’s a big scandal. You might say “if you are innocent and have nothing to hide, why would it matter if someone is listening to your attorney visits?” The reason it matters is because when the prosecutor is listening to the conversations between you and your attorney, the prosecutor will then know what lies he can get away with. For example, if the prosecutor hears my attorney tell me that we have proof that Fulton and Olson are informants, but we don’t have proof that Bennett is an informant, then when the judge asks the prosecutor “how many informants were there, ” the prosecutor can lie and say “just Fulton and Olson, your honor,” and he will know that we don’t have the proof to bust him on the spot. So by spying on attorney/client communications, Skrocki knew better how to cheat. If he had not done that, he would be stuck thinking to himself “well, I could lie. But since I don’t know what the defense might have, and since I don’t want to get caught in a lie, I better tell the truth and comply with the rules.” I didn’t have that. And it was not fair.

30. The 9th circuit court of appeals ruled in their 6 page opinion that even when viewing the evidence presented at trial in the light most favorable to the government, “no rational trier of fact could find that the defendant solicited murder, or intended for anyone to commit murder.” But then with out explanation, they upheld a conspiracy to murder charge that was based on the exact same evidence. This was a political move. They threw out the government’s hoax of a case and all the lame evidence presented at trial, but still left me in prison. It was a way for them to make it look like they did something, while making sure it had no effect. It’s not fair. If one murder charge must be thrown out, they must both be thrown out. Because they were based on the same evidence.

31. In 2009 and 2010 Aaron Bennett told me I need to stop focusing on political educational stuff, and just turn violent. This worried me. Then he started getting more and more pushy and threatening with me. He said I was “in the way.” I was worried that he might go and do something violent. So I told the Assistant US Attorney in Fairbanks, Steve Cooper, what was going on. Mr. Cooper is a Federal prosecutor, but he was also my friend, and he’s a good honest man. I’d trust his advice. So I told him that Bennett was talking about doing some violent stuff, that he had his own set of guys, that they were not moral or principled, that they operated like a gang, and that I had very little influence over them. I told Mr. Cooper that Bennett and his guys were dangerous, and that they were of a different mindset than me and my people. At this time, I did not know that Bennett was an under cover provocateur sent in to promote violence. I just thought he was a dangerous nut who the police needed to keep a close eye on. That’s why I went and warned Mr. Cooper. And this shows that I was not violent or a criminal, and that I was not predisposed to be one. We called Mr. Cooper as a defense witness. He took the stand and tried to testify about what I had told him. But the corrupt prosecutor – Skrocki – objected and wouldn’t let him tell the jury about how I had turned Bennett in. It was Skrocki at every turn trying to keep the truth from coming out. This is not fair.

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