“Hit List”

Federal “Hit List”

Dear Rudy,

In the music folder of my iPhone, there was a tab for “hit list.” But the tab was empty. What they did was key word search all our digital everything, and that’s the only thing that came back. Pretty silly, right?
You asked about the supposed “hit list” of people to murder. There was no hit list. There never was one and there wasn’t going to be one. Anderson simply said he knew how to look up “anyone’s” address online. And that’s what he testified to.
The “hit list” ONLY existed as a concept in the FBI’s mind. They told J.R. Olson (their spy) over and over to try to get a hit list. He’s the one that showed up and obsessed on getting some kind of a “list.” He didn’t even call it a “hit list.” He just called it a “list.” But there was no list to give him. And there was no interest by anyone (other than J.R. Olson) in making a list. All it ever was was J.R. Olson fishing. But nobody would bite. That’s a fact!
Then the forked-tongue liar, Skrocki, just referred to “the Hit List” over and over until people wrongly assumed it must be a real thing. IT’S NOT REAL!
“The Hit List” is an imaginary prop in Skrocki’s self aggrandizing fantasy world where he’s the dashing lawyer saving Gotham City from a super villain who has a hit list of helpless towns people. But that’s all it is! It’s featured in the fairytale Skrocki dreamed up to pleasure his self infatuated ego. But it doesn’t exist in real life.
It’s actually not uncommon for bureaucrats like Skrocki to lose touch with reality as they fall deeper and deeper into their self centered fantasy. We see celebrities do it all the time too. Nerds do it with their Dungeons and Dragon fantasy games. I literally had a pudgy dork introduce himself to me and tell me he was the Elf wizard of Nordock, or some crap. I laughed. Which offended him, so he pulled out his tablet and showed me. Sure enough! I’d just shook hands with the Elf of Nordock.
But in reality it was just Carl; an unemployed cheeto-eater who’s in love with his own avatar, (a 6 foot tall Elf wizard with quadruple D breasts and a 23 inch waist).
Carl spun a fairytale where he could cast himself as the hero. Skrocki did the same thing. And they are both pathetic losers when it comes to real life.

Put that in your real life pipe and smoke it!

Schaeffer Cox

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