The Mind of a Monkey…The Heart of a Horse

Dear Liz,

Your mind is like a monkey. Your heart is like a horse.??

The monkey is super smart, but jumps all over the place and likes to get you to chase it. It can solve complex problems. But it also takes things apart and can’t figure out how to put them back together. It will go bananas, climb the walls, and demand all your attention if you let it. Only when you sit calmly and ignore it will it calm down and come sit on the master’s shoulder.

The horse is powerful and can break through strong walls if it needs to. But it can’t be forced to do anything it doesn’t feel right about. It has a trustworthy sense for danger and what’s to come. It is at once brave and cautious. It will carry you for long distances through rough terain. It never gets lost. It knows who to trust. But it can’t tell you why. Complex monkey problems don’t even register for a horse. And that’s okay. The horse knows what it knows, and doesn’t need to know why it knows it.

Your conscious will is like a rider on a horse with a monkey on its shoulder. The Will must trust the horse, and master the monkey. Until the three learn to work together, the journey will be in circles.


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