Trump Letter


President Trump
c/o Pardon Attorney
145 N Street N.E.
Room 5E.508
Washington, D.C. 20530

Dear President Trump,

Please tell your Alaskan U.S. Attorney to STOP pushing the anti-2nd Amendment test case, U.S. v COX, right away, before the 9th Circuit has a change to set groundbreaking anti-gun precedent creating “2nd Amendment Thought Crime.”

In U.S. v COX, the Obama/Holder DoJ pushed forward the novel legal theory that Cox’s owning lots of guns, coupled with his general distrust of government, and his expressed belief that the 2nd Amendment was written to make The People the final check on government power, amounted to Cox “conspiring to murder Federal Officials someday, if or when the government collapses,” “if he is strong enough,” “perhaps many years in the future.”

This case is not about 2nd Amendment people conspiring against Federal Officials; it’s about Federal Officials conspiring against 2nd Amendment people. It’s about the Holder DoJ inventing a way to go after the “Basket of Deplorables” that vote for you, Donald Trump!

Holder and Obama are gone now, but his case remains. And without you knowing it, you’re technically the one pushing this case forward now. We know you support the 2nd Amendment, so PLEASE drop this case. It’s before the 9th Circuit awaiting a ruling as we speak.

We need you to pull this case back FAST! Why let YOUR U.S. Attorney give 3 judges a change to rule against the 2nd Amendment? They might get it right. But they’ll probably get it wrong. The Alaska U.S. Attorney just has no business at all attacking the 2nd Amendment in the name of Donald Trump.

We are asking you to instruct your prosecutors to stop trying to push through this fringe legal theory that criminalizes us by criminalizing our values.

Concede the appeal. Dismiss the whole case. Or negotiate a deal with Schaeffer Cox (he’s open to that). But get this case out of the 9th Circuit’s hands before they have a chance to rule on it.

Thanks! We are behind you 100%.


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