Dollars for Downfall

Hi guys,

We have just found some pretty strong evidence that suggests Aaron Bennett was an informant all along. This is grounds to throw out my whole conviction, since Bennett started the rumors about me that the FBI then used as the justification to investigate me. The FBI also had Bennett do illegal stuff without my knowledge so they could charge me sideways for their own informant’s fake misdeeds as part of some loosely defined conspiracy, that was actually THEM. This trick is as dirty as it is desperate. But we need to raise some money fast if we want to jump at our chance to expose it the rest of the way. Would you be willing to throw in a $50 bill? Or a $20? I hope so! Let me explain what for:

My prosecutors, Skrocki and Bottini, had a legal duty to disclose that Aaron Bennett was an informant. Instead, they lied about it to us, the judge, the jury, and the public. This is the same thing they did in their corrupt prosecution of Senator Ted Stevens and 4 others related to my case.

My public defender just sent the prosecution a letter formally demanding that they disclose Aaron Bennett’s status as an informant. But my prosecutors don’t want to come clean on this because it will mean I get out of prison, and they are exposed as unrepentant cheats and liars, even after all the big trouble they got in for this same exact kind of misconduct. If we don’t have the funds to litigate the evidence out into the open, Skrocki and Bottini will just keep on lying! A $35 donation from you right now will really put the burn on these crooks while they still have that letter in their hand and are deciding what to do. Can you help in that way?

Our fear is that Skrocki and Bottini are just going to double down on their lies. So what we need to do is show them that the truth is going to come out either way. We do this by making them aware of the fact that we have lawsuits filed to get the information they are illegally hiding from us. But we can’t do that without you helping pay for the filing of the suit.

I have the Federal FOIA suit already underway. It’s going along fine, but slow. What I don’t have going right now is a Alaska State civil suit to get the rest of the information on Bennett. I can’t really do that from Federal Prison very well since I don’t have access to Alaska laws in this law library.

So I’m going to have to pay an Alaska attorney to file a simple “Alaska Open Records Act civil suit” to force the State to give us all the investigative records they ever compiled on me. It’s simple, and since the trial is over, I’m entitled to the records by law. This easy suit will cost probably around $5,000 all total. Maybe less. If every one kicks in just a few dollars, we can meet that goal in a week or two. But we need to do it before these cheats respond to our letter demanding the information on Bennett. Even just a $5 donation will be enough to get the Alaska suit started.

If the prosecutors lie, then they will be married to their lie and it will take years longer to get them to admit defeat. But as soon as the prosecutors see the Open Records Act suit is filed, they will know they can’t lie and get away with it for long. Because then it’s just a matter of time until we force the truth out. At that point they will have no choice but to make a deal to let me out. This is all unfolding as we speak. That’s why I’m asking you to please send a donation today. I’m counting on you. And it means so much to me that you are here to help. I will never forget your kindness.

This pattern of wrongfully hidden evidence that comes out latter, is the exact same pattern that the 4 other cases like mine followed. Those guys all got out of prison this way! So if I got out this way too, I would be number 5 in a row with these same crooked prosecutors who lie lie lie all the time, then get caught. For $40 you can be a part of Skrocki and Bottini’s downfall.

We need either enough money to pay an attorney to file the civil suit in Alaska Court, or I need an attorney who will do it for free. Or maybe a little of both. So I’m asking you to please donate $20 or $30 to help expose this corruption and set me free.

This is a real life or death battle. I will fight the good fight. Will you stand along side me as I do? I’m counting on you.

Thanks so much,

–Schaeffer Cox

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